Button Badges & Name Badges

We make badges for schools, educational establishments, teams and a variety of organisations. In fact if you want a badge for anything we can make it. We aim to make badges that you have designed. The badges that suit your needs, convey your messages, contain your own artwork, logos or photos at a price you can afford.

We specialise in 55mm button badges. A size that is perfect for combining words and pictures, whose message can clearly be seen by all. Click on Button Badges for more information.

We make name badges. These are ideal for more formal situations. They look professional, are durable and good value for money. They are called dome badges and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Click on Name Badges for more information.

On this site you can:

Some general information on button and name badges.

What are button badges?

Button badges are probably the most common type of low cost badge and are found in all walks of life. They are invariably round, usually with a pin on the back and made by sandwiching a piece of artwork on paper between a plastic and metal holder and has a clear plastic cover which protects the artwork. Button badges are manufactured with a press which crimps the plastic cover around the holder so the artwork wraps around the edge of the button badge giving a neat shiny professional finish to your button badge. (Photos are shown on this site)

What can you put on a button badge?

Your artwork can be text, pictures or absolutely anything you choose which looks good, is informative or amusing. Your design can be by hand drawn with felt pens, or can be computer generated. Fairly basic graphic programs allow you to make a design on a circular template. The 55mm button badges we supply allow a circular 55mm area for your design. There is space to allow some text and a picture to support your message. Photographs can be cropped to a diameter of 68mm and a 55mm diameter portion in the centre of this will be the visible photo when your button badge is assembled. Click here for more infomation on designing your button badge.

Multiple copies of button badges?

When a design is computer generated it is easy to produce multiple copies of the design on a single sheet of A4 paper. Any number of identical badges can then be made. If a design is hand drawn and multiple copies of the badge are required it will be necessary to make multiple colour photocopies or scan the design into a computer and use this method to print multiple copies.

What are button badges suitable for?

They are ideal for most informal badge requirements. Their low unit cost makes them ideal for short term use where value for money is important. Children can make good use of button badges and can benefit from their use within a limited budget. The Ideas section of this site gives some more ideas on uses for button badges. Where a more formal or durable badge is needed we supply dome badges. Dome badges are usually used as name badges.

Why do we specialise in 55mm button badges?

We feel that for there to be enough space for a text message and some supporting graphics this size is perfect. We have investigated smaller button badges but found they are not so effective and attractive when reproducing children's individual designs. Our 55mm button badges have proved ideal.

Are button badges suitable for all ages?

Button badges that use pin fastenings should not be given to children under 36 months of age. We can supply badges with a kidsklip, where a clip instead, of a pin is used, if there are concerns about the safety of a pin.

The difference between a name badges and a button badge?

A name badge is made using a different technology, called a dome badge. It can be used in more formal situations and is usually used to identify members of staff and their roles.

Unique button badges children have drawn and coloured by hand A button badges to celebrate achievement and encourage progress amongst older children in maths Gold metal name badge Reward and recognise the progress that is made in sport with button badges Button badges spread the word about new ideas and messages Name badges to identify people and their role Celebrate those important first successes of those younger children who may have just started school with a button badge