Designing your Button Badges

  1. Who is your badge for and what do you want it to say?
  2. Look at different button badges to help get your own ideas. Read more. Collect lots of different ideas. Play and experiment with them and generate a number of different designs until you find the one you are happy with.
  3. Think about any words that you want on your button badge. What do you want them to say? Do you want to take the circular shape of the badge? Perhaps you want them to be horizontal? What colour and font would look best? Perhaps you only want words on your badge?
  4. What pictures or art work do you want on your button badge? Should it be a piece of clip art or a piece created on a computer programme such as paint, a photograph, a logo or a hand drawn picture? The most important thing to remember is that this needs to be as clear as possible.
  5. Design your button badge within a 55mm circle. There will be a border of 7 mm around the outside which will fold over when making the badge. ( total diameter 68mm).
  6. What do you want the background of your button badge to look like? Colour? Textures? Patterns?
  7. If you are sending your design by post, please do not cut the circle out. Please send the larger sheet of paper.
  8. If your design is computer generated, please save your final design in a jpeg format.

We want you to be delighted with your badges. If we have any recommendations about your design we will contact you

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