Ideas for Button Badges

Reward and motivate:

Children and people love to be rewarded and love collecting our badges. Our button badges can be used to motivate and reward, celebrating the achievement of those children who are trying hard, working well, making progress through the school reward system and for those breakthrough moments.

Celebrate successes:

Our button badges can be used in all aspects of life, to share success and celebrate it with others, creating and developing higher feelings of self esteem.

Roles of Responsibility:

Use our button badges to show the jobs and responsibilities children have in school. It gives a feeling of authority and recognises the job they are doing.

Encourage and Inspire:

Every parent, and teacher knows that learning often takes time and requires many small steps and stages to be passed through before the final goal is reached. Use our button badges to help with those small steps, by encouraging and showing that progress is really being made and is valued.

Pride and Belonging:

We all love to feel we are part of a group or team and want to share it with others. Use our button badges to develop feelings of being part of something special.

Introducing new Ideas:

Change is part of our everyday lives, yet successful change is often hard to achieve. Our button badges can help to make sure everyone knows about your new ideas and increase their success.

Special events:

Our button badges can promote special events and make it a bigger success. Publicise your sports days, Roman days, Mad hair days and book week.

Sports Teams:

Our button badges can be used to reward player of the match or achieving a new skill. A colour system could be used to show progress, with children collecting a number of badges, ultimately leading to the award of perhaps a certificate or trophy.


Our button badges can be used to show progress or recognise achievement such as passing a grade exam or playing in assembly. Members of an orchestra, wind band, choir or any other group may like a badge to show they are part of this group.

Curriculum Subjects.

In each curriculum subject our button badges can be used to create positive images and attitudes to the subject as well as to encourage, reward and celebrate.

Curriculum Links
Persuasive Writing

Widen a project in another curriculum area such as Literacy. Create excellence and enjoyment and a real purpose. In year 5 a project on save the Whales, where the children produce a leaflet to persuade people to help save the whales could be extended to include a button badge as part of the pack.


In group work give each member a button badge with their role on it. They could be: leader, secretary, questioner, reporter.

Out of School Clubs and Extended School activities.

Button badges can be used to recognise achievements, show belonging and promote increased awareness of the group and what it has to offer.

Fundraising Ideas
Christmas fair Project

Each child designed a Christmas button badge. Badges were sold at the Christmas fair to: other children; ex-pupils; brothers and sisters; parents, grandparents and relatives.

Each child drew their art work and lettering onto the pro-forma. Which was sent to the badge maker, who used the children's designs to produce each child's button badge. The finished button badges were sent back to the school in good time for the Christmas Fair.

The badges were an enormous success. Each child loved their own badges so much they wanted to buy them, so not many were left to sell! Next time extra badges will be made, so more can be sold.

Pictures of badges made for Christmas fair.

Alternatively a competition could select the best button badges and multiple copies of this could be sold. A single button badge could be chosen and multiple copies of this could be made!

Similar ideas could be used for any of your fundraising events.

If you would like to use our button badges to help you raise funds let us know the type of event you are planning and we will send you a fundraising pack

Email us here for our Fundraising pack

Party Button badges

Use our button badges for your children's parties. You can design a party badge and have the name of each child printed on it. An easy way to make sure you know their names and also a delightful keepsake for the children.

In fact our button badges can be used for any type of party and for any age!

We want you to be delighted with your badges. If we have any recommendations about your design we will contact you

Unique button badges children have drawn and coloured by hand A button badges to celebrate achievement and encourage progress amongst older children in maths Gold metal name badge Reward and recognise the progress that is made in sport with button badges Button badges spread the word about new ideas and messages Name badges to identify people and their role Celebrate those important first successes of those younger children who may have just started school with a button badge