FAQs on School Button & Name Badges

How long will it take?

Once we have your artwork and instructions we can usually send your button badges or name badges to you within 7 days. If you have a particular delivery requirement, quicker or slower, just let us know and we will do our best to meet your needs. If we promise it, we will do it.

Can I place a repeat order?

We will be delighted that you want more of our school badges and will be happy to produce a repeat order. If you think this may be you let us know at the time of your first order and we will keep a copy of your badge design. It will also be a good idea if you keep a copy of your design, in case you need to re-send it.

We are not a school, or educational establishment. Can we order badges?

Of course you can! Just follow the steps for designing and ordering our button badges or name badges in the same way. Please email us with your requirements and we will get back to if we need to.

Can I order the same design on different coloured backgrounds?

Yes, of course, depending on the colours you require and the badge design you send. Please include your requirements with your order and if we need to discuss it we get back to you by return. If you place an order for button or name badges and think you may want different colours in the future let us know and we will store the badge design.

What is the difference between button and name (dome) badges?

The badges are constructed using different technologies. A button badge is traditionally round ( the shape of a button) and the name badge, often called a dome badge can come in a variety of shapes. Read more. One of the main differences is a button badge is perhaps more informal, whereas a name badge is more formal. The button badge is of a lower cost and will suit a limited budget in schools. More Info

Do you make button badges in different sizes?

We focus on making 55mm button badges because we feel this is the best size for combining text and graphics. It is also big enough to be seen, yet not so large that it appears to be 'uncool'. Children are proud of our button badges.

What fastenings can be used on the name badges?

Our name badges come with a choice of two fastenings. You can have a pin fastener or a magnetic fastener, on the rectangular badges.

What fastenings can be used on the button badges?

Our button badges are made with a pin fastening, though it is possible to have a kidsklip instead for younger childen in schools. ( Note this will incur an small extra cost).

Where do I get ideas for designing the badges from?

It is a good idea to start by looking at the button and name badges that other people have made. You can browse through the ideas section on this web site as well. Many of these ideas can be adapted to different things. You could also look in magazines, newspapers and all around you for ideas that may inspire you. Many people begin with something they have seen. Although the idea may be borrowed initially, many aspects can be changed and ultimately it will look very different from the original stimuli. Button badge info - Name badge info.

Can you include art work from headed notepaper?

We can use art work from a variety of sources, but it needs to be as clear as possible, particularly as we have to scan it into the computer and reduce its size to suit. If you can send your school logo or artwork as a jpeg image this is even easier for us both to design the button or name badge you have chosen.

I have got a great idea but I am not sure how to turn it into a button or name badge!

Have a look at what other people have done and see if that inspires you with ways in which you can turn your idea into a button or name badge. Talk to friends and colleagues and share your ideas with them. Often they have completely new suggestions which you hadn't thought of. Send your idea to us, as you order, and if we can make some useful suggestions to improve your badge, after discussion with you, we will. If you send your idea as a jpeg image then we can make changes more easily and send them back to you for approval.

Can I use photographs?

Yes, it is okay to use photographs. You need to remember though, that the photograph needs to be either cropped or reduced to fit the pro-forma. The part of the button badge that shows is 55mm, however 68mm is required so there is part that can fold over to make the button badge. Often it is desirable to allow the outside of the button badge design to extend to the 68mm, so the fold around the side of the badge continues the design. However it is crucial that the part of the photo that is to be visible clearly fits into the 55mm circle. Photographs you send need to be close to the required size. Please send your image as a jpeg.

What if my button badge design is bigger than 55mm?

Your design needs to be close to this size, but if you are having difficulty, you can send us what you have, along with your instructions and we will re-size it to make the badge. Please send your image as a jpeg and we will adjust as necessary.

Can I have someone really gorgeous deliver my badges?

Of course you can! It may affect the delivery cost!

I don't have the computer programme to design a button badge in a circle, but I know what text and pictures I want to use?

E-mail us the text and pictures for your button badge, along with your instructions and we will put it into the circular design for you. Try to ensure your graphics are roughly about 55mm in size. Please send your pictures as a jpeg.

What are the minimum no of badges that I can order?

We have a minimum order value for button and name badges. More info. There is no minimum quantity. However, the more you order the lower the unit cost per badge.

How many colours can I use?

You can use as many colours as you like. We will always contact you if we need to.

Can you duplicate a single badge design that I send you?

We can copy existing badges, however there may be small variation in colour and design depending on what you send us and how we need to make the copies. If you need to approve the results then we can send the button or name badge design back to you for approval.

What discounts are available on larger orders?

Our price list covers different order quantities. For larger volumes ask us for a personalised quote. We will always expect to match any other price you have been offered for a similar product.

Can you make them quicker if I need you to?

If you need something really quickly, then let us know and we will tell you how fast we can we can do it. If we make a promise we will keep it.

Are the pins always horizontal when the button badge is the right way up?

Our button badge allows you to rotates the pin to where you want it.

How do I return to your home page?

Just click on this Button Badges & Name Badges link.

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