Order Form for name badges

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To choose and design your badge complete the following steps
STEP 1 : Choose type and size of name badge

STEP 2 : Wording as you wish it to appear on the badge

You can have one, two or three lines of text.

If you have a particular font or style in mind then either post us a sample or attach it to an email and enter "post" or "email attachment" as appropriate.

STEP 3 : Specify the background colour and details of your logo, if needed

If you have precise requirements then either post us a sample or attach it to an email. (art work needs to be in a jpeg format). Enter "post" or "email attachment" as appropriate.

STEP 4 : List the individual names with titles, if needed, to appear on each badge

This can be sent as a word document, an excel spreadsheet, posted, or typed in the box below and enter "post" or "email attachment" as appropriate.

Please list clearly and check spelling is correct!

STEP 5 : Emailing attachments

Click here to open an email for your artwork and names list

If we are uncertain as to your requirements we will contact you for clarification.

Post to: The school button badge company, 27 Williams Close, Holbury, Southampton, Hampshire, SO45 2GT

Order confirmation, including the price and terms of business, will be emailed before the badges are manufactured.

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Gold metal name badge

Low cost button badge used as a name badge

Black rectangular plastic name badge

Gold metal name badge with logo

Name badges to identify people & their role